Premium Ceylon Tea

Tea was introduced to Sri Lanka by the British and is now grown extensively in the mountainous areas towards the centre of the island. The most famous tea growing area is Nuwra Eliya, but tea is also grown in other areas, for instance around Kandy, Uda Pussellawa, and Dimbula.

Tea plucker picking premium Ceylon tea 

The combination of tropical sun and cool mountain climate produces the ideal conditions to produce teas of uniquely high quality, with a taste and aroma that has led to it being acclaimed as the best in the world. The ritual of tea drinking is inherent to the Sri Lankan culture and we at Flavours of Ceylon import our tea directly from best growers and blenders in Sri Lanka.

Our main products are as follows:

  • Ceylon Supreme Tea
  • Ginger Spice Tea
  • Hillcrest Gold Pure Ceylon
  • Dilmah’s Selection of the Worlds Finest Tea Styles
  • Ceyonta

Premium Ceylon Tea direct from the rich tea gardens of Sri Lanka’s hill country is guaranteed to refresh you throughout the day, and the quality is such that tea of a quality normally only found with loose tea is obtained from our tea bags. Therefore, for your convenience, all our products are normally supplied in tea bag form although loose tea is also available on request.

Refreshing Premium Ceylon tea 

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Flavours of Ceylon is based in St Ives, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire


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